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If you want me to dislike a book call it "an essential guide. Plus the first couple chapters I felt were good, but just okay. I was ready to give this a middle of the road review. Then I read the last chapter and loved it.

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Bruggemann talks If you want me to dislike a book call it "an essential guide. Bruggemann talks about seven aspects of "play" in Israel's worship. By "play," Bruggemann has in mind a sort of dialectic tension. He describes the tensions at play in the way that Israel's worship: - requires both obedience AND freedom - emphasizes both holiness AND justice - consists of both the liturgy of the state cult AND the everyday worship of family and clan - holds in tension an emphasis on Torah AND the expectation of a Davidic monarch - deals with the reality of God's presence AND his absence - has a place for both praise AND lament - is informed by corporate memory of God's saving action AND the hope of future redemption These tensions are not simply descriptive of Ancient Isreal's worship but are instructive in Christian worship as well.

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I found this tremendously helpful and insightful about how the Bible informs current worship practices and what we should continue to value. This is vintage Bruggemann and worth a read. Apr 19, Becky B rated it liked it Shelves: church-and-culture. Not an easy read by any means. Though the pages are few the concepts and word choice make it extremely scholarly and heady.

Jul 10, Biel rated it really liked it Shelves: dahreen-s-xian-journey. A very brief and comprehensive overview of the basic structure of Israelite worship as outlined in the Bible. A lot of very interesting and challenging insights presented, worth recommending for those wishing for a quick and informative introductory read. Jonathan rated it really liked it Oct 05, Jay rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Owen rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Dean rated it really liked it Jul 07, Keith Willis rated it really liked it Sep 27, Ben Mordecai rated it really liked it Mar 11, Robert Williams rated it liked it Jan 22, Todd rated it liked it Jan 09, Nathan Brasfield rated it really liked it Jul 07, Susan Gemperline rated it liked it Jan 13, Chris Gill rated it liked it Apr 30, Joshua Smith rated it really liked it Jul 03, Review of Robert T.

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Schuller, Eileen M. Edited by Leander E.

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  • His current research project at the University of Pretoria is an extension of the primary aims and objectives of his doctoral thesis "Malachi's view on temple rituals and its ethical implications". Badcock, "God of the Covenant," in Covenant Theology ed. Mark J. Cartledge and David Mills; Waynesboro, Ga. It belongs to the category of something which is spoken about Yahweh's relationship to particular persons, to his people, or to the whole of human race.

    Further definitions of the word are presented in the fourth section of this article: analysis of covenant themes in the book of Malachi. Harrison ed. Avraham Gileadi; Grand Rapids: Baker, , ; to mention a few. See also Mendenhall, "Covenant Forms," , whose studies made some clear convergence of traditions that indicates that covenant in Israel is a characteristic expression that stands as a union of law and treaty. See also, Blessing O.

    James D. Although Eileen M. Schuller employed Malachi as a name in her work and followed recognised convention, declared that the oracles in the book of Malachi are basically nameless and operate autonomously of the prophetic personnel. See Eileen M. These three distinct units of prophetic oracles were at a time included in the same prophetic compendium which was later inserted in their current position in the canon randomly. See Louis Stulman and Hyun C. See also, David L.