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In his travelogues, Andersen took heed of some of the contemporary conventions about travel writing; but always developed the genre to suit his own purposes. Each of his travelogues combines documentary and descriptive accounts of the sights he saw with more philosophical excurses on topics such as being an author, immortality, and the nature of fiction in the literary travel report.

Some of the travelogues, such as In Sweden , even contain fairy-tales. In the s Andersen's attention returned to the stage, however with no great success at all. His true genius was however proved in the miscellany the Picture-Book without Pictures The fame of his Fairy Tales had grown steadily; a second series began in and a third in Andersen was now celebrated throughout Europe, although his native Denmark still showed some resistance to his pretensions.

Between and , H. Andersen lived in 67, Nyhavn, Copenhagen, where a memorial plaque is placed. Meetings with Dickens In June , Andersen paid his first visit to England and enjoyed a triumphal social success during the summer.

The Countess of Blessington invited him to her parties where intellectual and famous people could meet, and it was at one party that he met Charles Dickens for the first time. They shook hands and walked to the veranda which was of much joy to Andersen. He wrote in his diary, "We had come to the veranda, I was so happy to see and speak to England's now living writer, whom I love the most.

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He stayed at Dickens' home for five weeks. Shortly after Andersen left, Dickens published David Copperfield , featuring the obsequious Uriah Heep, who is said to have been modeled on Andersen. Love life Andersen often fell in love with unattainable women and many of his stories are interpreted as references to his sexual grief.

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The most famous of these was the opera soprano Jenny Lind. One of his stories, "The Nightingale", was a written expression of his passion for Lind, and became the inspiration for her nickname, the "Swedish Nightingale". Andersen was often shy around women and had extreme difficulty in proposing to Lind. When Lind was boarding a train to take her to an opera concert, Andersen gave Lind a letter of proposal.

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Her feelings towards him were not the same; she saw him as a brother, writing to him in "farewell God bless and protect my brother is the sincere wish of his affectionate sister, Jenny. A small pouch containing a long letter from Riborg was found on Andersen's chest when he died.

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At one point he wrote in his diary: "Almighty God, thee only have I; thou steerest my fate, I must give myself up to thee! Give me a livelihood!

Give me a bride! My blood wants love, as my heart does! Just as with his interest in women, Andersen would become attracted to nonreciprocating men. The femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery. In recent times some literary studies have speculated about the homoerotic camouflage in Andersen's works. In Andersen's early life, his private journal records his refusal to have sexual relations.

Death In the spring of , Andersen fell out of bed and was severely hurt. He never fully recovered, but he lived until August 4, , dying of insidious causes in a house called Rolighed literally: calmness , near Copenhagen, the home of his close friends Moritz Melchior, a banker, and his wife. Shortly before his death, he had consulted a composer about the music for his funeral, saying: "Most of the people who will walk after me will be children, so make the beat keep time with little steps. At the time of his death, he was an internationally renowned and treasured artist.


He received a stipend from the Danish Government as a "national treasure". Before his death, steps were already underway to erect the large statue in his honor, which was completed and is prominently placed at the town hall square in Copenhagen. The year was the bicentenary of Andersen's birth and his life and work was celebrated around the world.

Of particular note is an original scrapbook Andersen prepared for the young Jonas Drewsen. The city of Bratislava, Slovakia features a statue of Hans Christian Andersen in memory of his visit in Multi-media games as well as all kinds of cultural contests related to the fairy tales are available to visitors.

He was chosen as the star of the park because he is a "nice, hardworking person who was not afraid of poverty", Shanghai Gujin Investment general manager Zhai Shiqiang was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying. Goliy Korol " , "The Shadow" "???? Ten " , and "The Snow Queen" "??????? Sniezhenaya Koroleva " by Eugene Schwartz: reworked and adapted to the contemporary reality plays by one of Russia's most famous playwrights.

Schwartz's versions of "The Shadow" and "The Snow Queen" were later made into movies and , respectively. The Ugly Duckling "?????? Length: Approximately 28 minutes. The opera version Free transcription Written by Lev Konov??? Vocal score language: Russian, English, German, French.

The first representation in Moscow in Ponyo got its inspiration from the Little Mermaid.

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It won the Pulitzer Prize in Music. The Ghost , an episode in the third series of the British TV show Hustle is based on the theft of an Andersen manuscript from an old English manor house. Mitchell that gave a modern gothic twist to "The Red Shoes. Leyland Publications, San Francisco. Now come with me and I will take you into the world, and introduce you to the duckyard; but keep close to me all the time, so that no one may tread upon you, and beware of the cat!

They went into the duckyard. There was a fearful uproar going on, for two broods were fighting for the head of an eel, and in the end the cat captured it. She is the grandest of them all; she has Spanish blood in her veins and that accounts for her size, and, do you see? It shows clearly that she is not to be parted with, and that she is worthy of recognition both by beasts and men! Quack now! They did as they were bid, but the other ducks round about looked at them and said, quite loud: "Just look there! He is not a good specimen; it's a pity you can't make him over again.

He was too long in the egg, and so he has not come out with a very good figure. I believe he will be very strong, and I don't doubt but he will make his way in the world. After that they felt quite at home. But the poor duckling which had been the last to come out of the shell, and who was so ugly, was bitten, pushed about, and made fun of both by the ducks and the hens.

The poor duckling was at his wit's end, and did not know which way to turn; he was in despair because he was so ugly, and the butt of the whole duckyard. So the first day passed, and afterwards matters grew worse and worse. The poor duckling was chased and hustled by all of them; even his brothers and sisters abused him; and they were always saying, "If only the cat would get hold of you, you hideous object!

At last he ran off and flew right over the hedge, where the little birds flew up into the air in a fright. He stayed there two whole days, then two wild geese came, or rather two wild ganders; they were not long out of the shell, and therefore rather pert. There is another marsh close by, and there are some charming wild geese there; all sweet young ladies, who can say quack! You are ugly enough to make your fortune among them. There was a grand shooting party, and the sportsmen lay hidden round the marsh; some even sat on the branches of the trees which overhung the water; the blue smoke rose like clouds among the dark trees and swept over the pool.

The water-dogs wandered about in the swamp, splash! The rushes and reeds bent beneath their tread on all sides. It was terribly alarming to the poor duckling. He twisted his head round to get it under his wing, and just at that moment a frightful, big dog appeared close beside him; his tongue hung right out of his mouth and his eyes glared wickedly. He opened his great chasm of a mouth close to the duckling, showed his sharp teeth—and—splash—went on without touching him. Then he lay quite still while the shot whistled among the bushes, and bang after bang rent the air. It only became quiet late in the day, but even then the poor duckling did not dare to get up; he waited several hours more before he looked about, and then he hurried away from the marsh as fast as he could.

He ran across fields and meadows, and there was such a wind that he had hard work to make his way. Towards night he reached a poor little cottage; it was such a miserable hovel that it could not make up its mind which way to fall even, and so it remained standing. The wind whistled so fiercely round the duckling that he had to sit on his tail to resist it, and it blew harder and harder; then he saw that the door had fallen off one hinge and hung so crookedly that he could creep into the house through the crack, and by this means he made his way into the room.

An old woman lived there with her cat and her hen. The cat, which she called "Sonnie," could arch his back, purr, and give off electric sparks, that is to say if you stroked his fur the wrong way. The hen had quite tiny short legs, and so she was called "Chuckie-low-legs.

In the morning the strange duckling was immediately discovered and the cat began to purr, and the hen to cluck. The Day Boy and the Night Girl. The Wise Woman. The Giant Roc and Other Stories. Miles Kelly. Wolverden Tower. Grant Allen.

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Japanese fairy tales series Volume 2 Illustrated edition. David Thomson. Margery Williams. Rachel Morgan.

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