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He posts race recaps, shoe reviews, and motivational quotes in Run Bulldog Run.

Tamsyn is an athlete still struggling with her weight. Healthynomics is a great blog for those of you just starting out. They interview world-class athletes and exercise science experts for their tips, and they keep up-to-date on running trends. Check out their podcast for your next run! Yes, Dr. Nick Campitelli is an actual doctor. As well as blogging about training and the best gear and healthiest running shoes, his website also has a lot of awesome articles about the types of injuries runners get, how to treat them, and how to avoid them altogether.

Steve Magness, founder of Science of Running, is a performance coach, author, and lecturer who coaches almost professional runners and is Head Cross Country coach at the University of Houston. On his blog he writes about his coaching technique and news about the running world, and articles on training and challenging yourself. She also gives a lot of good advice on loving yourself , something we could all do more of.

How much do you need to improve?

This RRCA-certified running coach and personal trainer is serious about healthy living and advocates a clean, plant-based diet. Seeing people like you succeed at something you want to do. Marc Pelerin is an online running coach who posts new training plans biweekly.

Prepare to get motivated with this article on the three pillars of running and other articles like this. Stay full. Be focused. Deb is a personal trainer and a running coach whose purpose is to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of their lives. Lots of race recaps and race results in this website for those who want to keep up with racing news, and articles on weight management, general running tips, racing tips, recipes, and even articles on skin cancer.

She has a lot of great resources for beginners, like free training plans and trackers to help you keep an eye on your progress.

And if you sign up to her newsletter, you get a wonderful 4-week training journal, which is a handy guidebook for beginners and experienced runners alike. This sleek, colorful website is run by Jill, a registered dietician and an avid runner and photographer. Her website is where she blogs about running and nutrition e. Jill also welcomes readers into her life with articles about travel, photography, and other fun stuff.

We love his podcasts, where he discusses running strategies with other runners and coaches. Listen to it here. Running Myself Together is the website of Maria, a RCCA-certified running coach, writer, and speaker who is also an advocate for mental and holistic health. Her blog, which you can browse by topic super handy , is where she writes about anxiety and body image Maria has struggled with eating disorders, anxiety and depression, herself , mindfulness, and running marathons.

Perfect for fitness geeks who love reading about the science of sport actual science papers! These blogs prove that running is for everyone and anyone, everywhere. Having trouble finding running buddies? The Training Club has is a world-class online community with world-class coaches, perfect for beginner runners to advanced marathoners. Podium Runner, aka Pocket Outdoor Media, is your one-stop shop for runners dedicated to achieving their personal best.

This article on using your arms to run faster? Mind blown. Running in Southeast Asia? Read interviews with athletes and get a lot of great tips on improving your running technique. Thinking about starting your own blog? Get race guides, training plans, tips for beginners, recipes, podcasts, and all the newest updates on all things running. Get news on running events and routes and hotspots, and connect with other runners in and around the London area.

Ready to set your personal best? Then head on over to Strength Running. Jason Fitzgerald posts regularly about the ins and outs of running, and he encourages readers to continually challenge themselves while honoring their bodies and maintaining the right mindset for happiness. Event organizers can also sign up to post their sports events on ACTIVE—everything from triathlons, cycling events, soccer camps If you prefer trail running to any other type of outdoor or even indoor running, then this is the magazine for you.

Ethan Newberry, owner of GingerRunner. He works with social media expert and ultrarunner, Kim Newberry, to bring readers of the Ginger Runner blog regular updates on the sport and science of running. The posts are written by a wonderfully diverse community—people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. The good people at iRunFar.

Coach Will: Blueprint To Qualifying For The Boston Marathon

This website has got a good mix of timely news, educational information, editorial insight, race coverage, gear reviews, and other resources, plus a couple of books on trail running Relentless Forward Progress and Where the Road Ends. This is an awesome resource and motivation site for beginners and advanced trail runners alike.

Straight to the point, no-nonsense advice on improving your running technique? Yes, please. But what about embracing the bodies we have now, ladies, and focusing on being happier and healthier while we try to find the weight that is right for us? Surely that is a more productive approach? These guys are hardcore! Runners can keep track of their miles and give detailed reports on their progress on this site, plus have the support of a great community at their back.

Bloggers who run or runners who blog? Harvy is a really cool app that uses mapping technology to customize playlists according to the elevation and geographic features of your run. It works with Spotify and is available for Apple users on the iStore. Not only is this an amazing app, their blog is also a great resource for runners who want to craft their own epic trail running playlists, plus tips on marathon running and running for beginners!

This site has been around for quite some time it won Best Overall Running Blog in , but it still is one of the most relevant running blogs around. Readers can find race recaps, reviews, running advice, and basically everything to do with running on this site. No treadmills or indoor running tracks for these runners.

Can you qualify for Boston too?

Mud Sweat and Tears is all about mountain running and off-road running, perfect for runners who want tips on getting down and dirty and staying safe out there in the big blue wild. Some women find it challenging to get started because of busy schedules or health issues. These are blogs for women runners in need of empowerment and support, and for women in need of a community of running sisters. Erika of MCM Mama is all about balance; she enjoys running, a good beer, wine, and a host of other things.

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Running, training, motherhood, career, life, and everything in between. This is one of those really empowering blogs that makes you feel like you can do anything… including running while pregnant. Running On Happy is a blog that focuses on running for health and wellbeing. RCCA-certified running coach Rachel advocates healthy living and leads by example. She blogs about hydration and nutrition, running tips and stretching, and nutritious recipes galore.

Roundup of the Most Helpful Blogs For Runners

AMR is a lovely community and resource for mothers who run. Kristen is a busy mama who runs her own online business and helps women gain time freedom in their lives so they can spend more time with their families and become their best selves. She writes to help women gain confidence, start and grow their own businesses, and run faster. Laura is a holistic health coach and RRCA running coach who specializes in nutrition for runners to help them perform their best. She blogs about pregnancy as a runner and delicious recipes for the whole family.

Foodie, runner, DVRT Master Instructor and mother of two, Annmarie, shares gluten-free, sometimes vegan, always delicious recipes that everyone—even people with food allergies and restrictions—can enjoy. This community is all about inclusion, representation, and empowerment, where women from all walks of life are encouraged to share their voice and raise each other up.

Check out these stories from badass ladies who overcame self-doubt and ran toward their goals. They cover everything from training, health, events, inspiration, nutrition, running gear, and more. Everything about running. Thisi is a well-rounded magazine for women in the UK and all around the world. A lot of people fear getting older.

They think that getting older means getting slower, but these women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and even older are showing the world that older women can be physically fit and active. Katie Holmes interviews older women runners and writes about the history of women in marathon running, aiming to help others rethink how they view aging.