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Once the baby is born, Adam agrees to keep the family's cover-up a secret. Bree is reluctant to take the baby off Danielle but her daughter says that is the best thing for all involved. Danielle leaves the next day for college, as Bree poses as the baby's mother. Bree introduces the newborn, Benjamin Tyson Hodge , to her friends. Later, when she has Susan and Mike over for dinner, Bree becomes concerned when she spots Mike taking an addictive narcotic behind the scenes. She informs Susan of her worry.

Meanwhile, Bree wants Benjamin to be circumcised, but Orson, who had the procedure preformed when he was 5, is strongly opposed to the idea. Ignoring her husband's opposition, Bree goes to the hospital to get her baby circumcised, but discovers that Orson has mailed every clinic in the state, giving his refusal to allow the operation to be carried out. Determined, Bree attends a Debris Party and has Benjamin circumcised there.

Orson is saddened by this because, as Benjamin's father, he should have some say on how he is raised. Bree apologizes and realizes how much Orson loves the baby - love makes them a family, not blood. A tornado is headed for Wisteria Lane. As she prepares for the storm, Bree spots a confrontation between Katherine and another woman, Sylvia Greene. Bree, curious to know more about the mysterious Mayfairs, invites Sylvia inside.

Bree learns that Sylvia had an affair with Adam and, after their conversation becomes uncomfortable and Bree asks her guest to leave, Sylvia locks herself in the bathroom that Bree was planning to use as a tornado safe spot and refuses to exit. Bree bring the situation to the Mayfair's attention and Adam attempts to get Sylvia to unlock the door. But when the tornado strikes, Bree, Orson, Benjamin, Katherine and Adam all take shelter in a nearby closet. There, Bree comforts Katherine who finds out about her husband's betrayal.

After the storm has passed, Bree exits the closet to find her house semi-destroyed and the rest of Wisteria Lane in a state of destruction. Bree, Orson, and Benjamin move into Susan's home while theirs is in the process of being repaired after the tornado. Meanwhile, Bree, after finding out her gay contractor has backed out after a messy split, attempts to hook him up with Andrew, in order to get their house fixed quicker.

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Susan, who enjoys having Bree around as she cooks and cleans for her, attempts to ruin her friend's plans. She interrupts Bree's dinner and goes out of her way to stop Andrew from seducing Walter the contractor. Bree, although initially angry, realizes that Susan only did this to keep her around since Mike is at rehab and she feels alone. Bree agrees to stay. Bree agrees to let Lynette, Tom and the kids join her and Orson at church, after they begin to embrace religion following the devastating tornado.

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But Bree soon thinks Lynette is making a fool of herself by asking the minister questions during the service and suggests Lynette attend a different church. Next Sunday, the minister asks where Lynette is because he liked the way she talked back and gives Bree credit for bringing such a nice new person. Bree heads for the Catholic church and manages to persuade Lynette to rejoin her church. Bree and Orson move back into their house, after its repairs are concluded and following the success of the Founders Ball, Bree and Katherine decide to start a catering business.

Later, Bree is horrified to discover that Orson was responsible for running down Mike See Season 3 mystery and she kicks him out, with intentions of divorcing him. Bree gives Orson an ultimatum; either surrender himself to the police and go to jail or go free but loose her as his wife. Orson refuses to go to jail. Later, Bree discovers Orson on the front lawn drunk. He tells her he can turn himself in to the police and explain that he was sleepwalking when he ran over Mike. Bree is outraged by this idea and, when Edie drives by, she asks her to take Orson back to his apartment.

However, Bree discovers that Orson stayed overnight with Edie and confronts her - concerned that she might start an affair with Orson a valid concern, given her past adulterous liaisons with Karl, Mike and Carlos. Edie tells Bree that she is not interested in Orson, but she will continue allow Orson to stay for as long as he wants.

That night, Bree catches Edie and Orson kissing and is deeply upset. While confronting Edie about the kiss, Bree is angered and ends up slapping her foe. This marks a full scale war between the two of them. Bree continues to rile Edie by attempting to sabotage her business. Subsequently, Orson tries to patch things up with his wife, but Bree is reluctant and hires a lawyer to organize Benjamin's custody.

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While at Orson's apartment, Edie discovers paperwork which reveals that Benjamin's biological parents are Austin McCann and Danielle and she then begins to blackmail Bree, instructing her to be kinder and do whatever she wants, otherwise her secret will be exposed. Out of fear, Bree spills the beans on the baby scandal to Susan, Lynette and Gaby and explains Edie's blackmailing.

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To Bree's surprise, the girls support her choice to cover-up the pregnancy and are outraged by Edie's behavior. And they finally terminate their friendship with her. Bree is frustrated when Katherine backs out of catering Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony. Bree forces Susan, Lynette and Gaby to help her out. Bree struggles to make the ceremony a success, but refuses to accept Orson's help offer. To add salt to the wound, the ice sculptors inform Bree they cannot deliver the sculpture on time, forcing Bree to retrieve the sculpture herself.

On her way back to Wisteria Lane, her car's tire punctures, forcing Bree to place the melting sculpture in Benjamin's stroller and roll it along the highway. Orson pulls over and picks her up.

Later, Bree finds herself being held hostage by Katherine's ex-husband, Wayne Davis , but is soon freed. Bree and Orson reunite, on the agreement that he will turn himself in to the authorities and go to prison to atone for his crimes. Before Orson is sent away, Bree throws a dinner party as a farewell celebration. Bree becomes stressed with the prospects of Orson going to jail and, while alone, gives in to her old drinking habit. Orson is taken away the next day.

Meanwhile, Bree and Katherine's catering business begins to take off but the two struggle in the partnership because of the former's addiction - she continually misses client meetings and events due to being hung-over. Katherine soon discovers Bree's problem and makes it her duty to help her overcome it. Bree eventually manages to regain control. During Bree's first visit to Orson in prison, she cannot bring herself to see him because she is disgusted by the conditions. While conversing with a guard, Bree learns that Edie Britt, who left Fairview years before on bad terms with the Wisteria Lane residents, has been visiting Orson every week.

Bree goes to Edie's new home and questions her intentions. Subsequently, Edie reminds Bree that Orson went to jail for her thus proving his love and she wonders why Bree cannot 'suck it up' and visit her husband once a month.

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Bree, realizing her nemesis is correct, decides to meet with Orson. With Orson in prison and her children living away from home, an alone Bree decides to take on handyman Eli's advice by completing her cookbook and eventually lands a publishing deal. The combination of her catering business and the publication of her cookbook makes Bree extremely wealthy. She hires Andrew as her business assistant.

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However, despite her continued success, when Orson is released, Bree does not put her career first and instead concentrates on rebuilding her failed marriage.