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Another ship picked her up. Their four daughters drowned. What shall I do? I think of him, knowing about the shipwreck, waiting for the telegram that will tell him if he still has a family. Spafford sailed for England to get Anna. His ship passed close to the place his daughters had died. He must have stood on the deck staring at the ocean where in a few minutes he lost his every child, and his life was changed beyond recovery. He must have seen each face, heard each voice, remembered holding them as babies, playing with them, walking with them, taking them to church, sitting with them at dinner.

I have four children and the thought of losing them at once makes me sick. I have a little feeling for how Horatio Spafford must have felt as he looked at the empty, pitiless ocean. What did he do? No one in that little country church had lost four children. But some lived lives of unending pain, or drudgery, or anxiety. And they sang the same hymn. I knew some of them well enough to know they sang the truth as they saw it.

Compared with the comfy and complaining people I knew, their faith hinted to me of something about the real nature of things.

Behind or beyond their pains they knew a Truth who let them say that things were really all right. It was well with their souls. At least most of the time. And especially when they sang. As it is with the people who commented on YouTube. Like these people, just from the top of the comment section:. My son died of colon cancer last September and now, my husband has been referred to hospice by his doctor.

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I sit alone looking out at the sunset and this old hymn came to mind. This ministered to me, thank you. Listening to this as my parents fight.

It Is Well With My Soul (Small Block Sign)

This song came to mind and is a beautiful reminder that God is always present, no matter how hopeless the situation, you are not alone. Bless Me, Ultima Paperback. Inviting friends to a Private wish list will change your privacy setting to Group. Sending a Private or Group wish list by email or sharing it on a social network will make it a shared list. Some items are either temporarily out-of-stock Advanced Sale items , are not available for shipment until a specific release date provided by the manufacturer Release Date items , or require extra time for sizing or other adjustments Special Order items.

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No Reviews Write the First Review. Item : IWMS Format: Book. When peace like a river attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll, Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my soul. Those beloved lyrics have brought comfort and hope to people the world over for generations. But few might guess that when the words were penned, their author's life was far from being filled with "peace like a river.

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It Is Well with My Soul > Lyrics | Horatio G. Spafford

Piazza Smith, a Scottish astronomer, and through him became interested in biblical archeology. Heavy losses in the Chicago fire of , the death of his four daughters in , and the death of his son in caused Spafford to be accused of some secret sin by uncharitable church members.

In he, his wife, and some friends moved to Jerusalem and founded an American colony there; the family's story was told by another daughter, Bertha Spafford Vester, in Our Jerusalem. Liturgical Use: As a testimonial hymn, often after tragic events, when we want to confess our faith in God's providence even when we don't understand the "whys" of life. The refrain may be sung only once—after stanza 4 as a final testimony. In November, , Horatio Spafford sent his wife and four daughters on the French ship Ville du Havre from their home in Chicago to a vacation in France, planning to set out a few days later himself.

Somewhere in the Atlantic, the Ville du Havre collided with a British ship coming the other way, and sank in just 12 minutes.

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Almost every hymnal keeps the original four verses and refrain unaltered. It acknowledges that both our earthly trials and spiritual sorrows are not far and removed from each other, but that through the suffering of Christ and the power of the cross, all of our own sufferings, spiritual, emotional, and physical, will one day be removed.

It is a testimony of our faith, even during tragedies and loss. Suggested music: Carter, Nathan.