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I like the interaction between the ferrets and Marvel. The illustrations are in a graphic novel format which will make it very appealing t Fudge and Einstein the ferrets are relaxing in their hammocks when their owner brings in a new friend, Marvel the cat. The illustrations are in a graphic novel format which will make it very appealing to kids. May 16, Bridget R. Wilson rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books , pets.

What I thought: Fun indeed! I loved it. This is definitely the first ferret book I've read.

I think it's needed though as ferrets are becoming more and more popular as pets. The illustration style almost like a comic book is great and suits the story perfectly. My favorite illustrations are Fudge and Einstein dancing and Marvel chasing the ferrets last page. I originally thought this would make a good addition to my pets story time, but I've changed my mind. I think Ferret Fun will be best used with older children elementary age.

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Aug 03, Tam rated it really liked it. It's written in comic-book style and I liked the illustrations. Excerpt from the book after the owner introduces Marvel the cat to the ferrets, Fudge and Einstein : Fudge said to Einstein "I hope this friend brought raisins. You're not cats. I know cats. You're not dogs. I know dogs. Are you rats? I love tasty--I mean--I love rats.

Apr 27, Christiane rated it really liked it Shelves: summer-reading , picture-books. Ferret friends Fudge and Einstein are rightfully nervous when their owner introduces Marvel, a hungry cat who is convinced they are rats. This is a picture book but the story is told in comic book panels with word balloons. It is very beautifully drawn and colored. I once watched a friend's ferret for the weekend and my cat reacted exactly like Marvel did!

Jul 06, Polly rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , childrens-books , picture-books. Fluffy, in a bad way, which is too bad. Ferrets are great, and I'm always happy to meet nice ones in literature and definitely in real life! These ferrets are not very much like any ferrets I've ever met and I've known 13 fairly well and met several more. Which is not to say they aren't like any real ferrets, but it cuts down on my enjoyment. Feb 22, Arthur Pengerbil rated it really liked it. Reading Level: Ages What do two ferrets named Fudge and Einstein do when they meet a cat who thinks that they would be a perfect snack?

Convince him otherwise, that's what! Jun 12, Tricia rated it liked it. Picture book with graphic novel formatthsi is the story of ferrets Fudge and Einstein who are exposed to cat Marvel when their owner is pet-sitting.

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Marvel thinks they are rats and is eager ot eat them. Trouble ensues Because of the format this presents a challenge as a readaloud option Apr 21, Terry added it Shelves: y , animal-character , all-elementary , zpb-challenge , picture-book , read-aloud , zbookaday. Can we get ferrets? This is a cute story that has more layers than it appears on the surface. Two ferrets have a new arrival to deal with - a cat who thinks that they might be more of a tasty meal than friends. Finally the ferrets discover a way to handle this new arrival. Quirky illustrations and a fun story was a winning combination for me.

ISBN 13: 9781477826317

Jun 23, Anastasia Tuckness rated it liked it Shelves: c , picture-book , graphic-novel , easy-to-read. This is a cute graphic novel style picture book that tells the story of Marvel the cat visiting a home with 2 ferrets. Although Marvel threatens to eat them at first, by the end they get along. Recommended for early readers and animal lovers. Sep 26, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: animals.

This is a fun one for beginning readers. I like that it's a picture book in graphic novel format and the story is fun and simple to follow. I think it would be tricky to get right as a read-aloud in story time, but would be a good one-on-one option. Jun 09, Shelli rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. Cute picture book done in comic book style of two ferrets that have an unwanted feline house guest. Ferrets closely resemble rats, which makes the cat want to get quickly acquainted with these snacks I mean friends.

RL May 04, Kelly added it Shelves: picture-book , animals. This is a funny book with great illustrations.

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I liked how the animals stood up to the cat and turned it around on him. May 10, Allison rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , kids-graphic-novel. What a great introduction to graphic novels. Jan 10, Brian rated it liked it Shelves: kids. May 03, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: picture-book , read , graphic.

Graphic novel format. Theme of enemies who learn to be friends, simple and straightforward.

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Aug 21, George rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , ar-level-2 , goodreads-author. My 5 and 8-year-old boys loved this story. It was also a chance for them to read in a simplified comic-style setup, which they have had little-to-no experience in.

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Jul 27, Miss M rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. Aug 04, Emily rated it liked it. What do two ferrets named Fudge and Einstein do when they meet a cat who thinks that they would be a perfect snack? Jun 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s , picture-book. A cat wants to eat Einstein and Fudge May 05, Adrienne Pettinelli added it. Rostoker-Gruber has obviously had some experience with ferrets, and ferrets are just kind of inherently fun.

I'm surprised there aren't more of them in children's books. View 2 comments. Like domestic ferrets, they perform the "weasel war dance," consisting of a series of hops, often accompanied by a clucking sound dooking , arched back, and frizzed tail. In the wild, the ferrets may perform the dance to disorient prey as well as to indicate enjoyment. Black-footed ferrets mate in February and March.

Gestation lasts 42 to 45 days, resulting in the birth of one to five kits in May and June. The kits are born in prairie dog burrows and don't emerge until they are six weeks old. Initially, the kits are blind and have sparse white fur. Their eyes open at 35 days of age and dark markings appear at three weeks of age. When they are a few months old, the kits move to new burrows. Ferrets are sexually mature at one year of age, but reach peak reproductive maturity at age 3 or 4. Unfortunately, wild black-footed ferrets typically only live one year, although they can reach 5 years of age in the wild and 8 years of age in captivity.

The black-footed ferret is an endangered species.

Ferret Fun (Animal Ark Pets, book 17) by Lucy Daniels

It was "extinct in the wild" in , but downgraded to "endangered" in thanks to a captive breeding and release program. Initially, the species was threatened by the fur trade, but it went extinct when prairie dog populations declined due to pest control measures and conversion of habitat to cropland. Sylvatic plague, canine distemper, and inbreeding finished off the last of the wild ferrets. The U. Fish and Wildlife Service artificially inseminated captive females, bred ferrets in zoos, and released them in the wild.