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Her master wanted her to slow down in her training so it can be easy to her instead of easy on the training droid.

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She wanted a step above everyone else in her training, making her become better than everyone else. Her mind was slowly leading the dark, making her feel the temptation, making her wish she could go back and save them.

Waking up in a cry for help, her Jedi Master was in fear that she was going to the Dark Side of the Force. In dire need of saving, Grand Master Terebellum Caurese saved her by going to an unsanctioned planet, making the dark thoughts in her mind disappear.

She was now saved from the Dark Side of the Force, soon going back into the life and training of the Jedi Order. She wanted to continue her path to become a Jedi Master , so her Jedi Master made her wish come true. In a quest to the Outer Rim, she went to a jungle planet but her Jedi Master never returned.

With this, her Jedi Trials were complete, making sure the Jedi High Council would agree on her Dark Side encounter and the death of her parents. She was able to go to the rank of Jedi Master and to fill her parents' place in the Jedi High Council, she was accepted to sit in the council. Years later, a good friend and fellow Jedi Master Alfeccat Cloudleaper brought in a youngling, in dire need of Jedi training.

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She thought this boy had a delicate mind which could easily turn him towards the Dark Side of the Force. Her upbringing with the miners is chronicled in Acorna: The Unicorn Girl. Acorna's mother avi and father lalli are Feriila and Vaanye of the Renyilaaghe.

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Neeva tells Acorna that she has Feriila's eyes when they first meet. Her father was a scientist who 'had adapted his researches into the topology of space to weapons research shortly before his death'. An unexpected side-effect of her father's weapons technology transported Acorna's escape pod to where the miners found it. Acorna's great-grandmother, Niikaavri of Clan Geeyiinah, was responsible for the design of the egg-ships use by Acorna's people.


Acorna belongs to a race of humanoids called Linyaari. She finds this out in Acorna's Quest when she encounters her aunt 'mother-sister' and her fellow shipmates. The Linyaari are a peaceful race whose planet, Vhiliinyar , or "Home of the People", was invaded by the insect-like Khleevi , forcing them to move to narhii-Vhiliinyar , or "New Home of the People". They flee shortly before the Khleevi invasion, which destroys their home world Vhiliinyar in search of an unknown objective.

They are a beautiful race, tall and graceful, with abilities to heal wounds and purify substances such as air and water. They can also communicate telepathically with each other. Partially descended from unicorns, Ancestors who still live among them, cared for by specific attendants.

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Like the Ancestors, the Linyaari are a peace-loving people and do not tolerate violence in any of its forms, even going so far as to not have any military or weapons to speak of. The only weapon at all was being developed by Acorna's father and was a form of suicide that destroyed the user's ship and the Khleevis' as well.

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Linyaari legend relates that unicorns were rescued from their native planet Earth by the Ancestral Friends or Ancestral Hosts to escape persecution by the new creatures, men. The Linyaari are products of genetic engineering , a blending of the Hosts and the unicorns. In a temporal paradox , Ancestral Host, Grimalkin, extracts one of the twin embryos from the mating of Acorna and Aari to create the Linyaari race.

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The series Acorna's Children chronicles the twins' independent lives and ultimate reunion. In the third book, Acorna's World , Acorna meets Aari, a Linyaari who was captured and tortured by the Khleevi after the evacuation of the home world. He feels that he has no reason to live, being physically broken and mentally scarred.

Acorna is the first Linyaari he meets on his arrival and she does not shrink from his hornlessness as the other Linyaari cannot help doing. Although he is attracted to her, he believes that she is much too good for him.